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IMA-PG India Private Limited (Formerly known as Precision Gears Ltd.), India, commenced the manufacturing of Rotary Motion Vacuum Forming, Blister Packing Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1978 under Technical Collaboration of Hassia Verpackung Maschinen GmBH of West Germany.
Now with over 33 years experience, the Company has made significant developments in the field of Thermoforming with special emphasis on catering to the demands and needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Since then with major emphasis on its own research and development & continuous interaction with the end user has led to many value added products being launched from time to time.
IMA-PG India Private Limited is zealously committed towards providing simple solution to the complex requirements which is reflected in solutions that have worked for realizing novel packaging for innovative products, which at times is critical for product stability and it’s success in the market .
In June 1995 Precision Gears Limited became a subsidiary of IMA, Italy, a turning point in the history of Precision Gears.
Collaboration with IMA SpA, today, has led to many technological transfers from IMA to IMA-PG. This has paved path for launch of multiple and versatile product in the existing range and in the ranges which were not with IMA-PG earlier. The latest addition to this is PG-T60 compact and GMP Design Tube filling Machine in line with CoMaDis.  


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Milestones of IMA-PG

 1978  : Manufactured First Blister Packing Machine Pharmapack 240. Sold to Glaxo India Ltd.

 1982 : Manufactured Single track Blister Packing Machine Pharmapack 150

 1984 : Upgraded Pharmapack 150 & Pharmapack 240 to Contact Heating System.

 1985 : Manufactured Deep draw machine called FP 200 A for Ampoules, Vials.

 1990 : Made revolution in the field of Blister Packing by introducing High Speed Flat Forming, Compressed Air Blister Machine called Formpack 230 T – Speed

            300 blisters / min.  Exhibited the machine in INTERPACK, GERMANY.

 1993 : Manufactured a slow speed but more versatile pneumatic operated Blister machine called Multipack 80 which can be used for Solid Doses as well as

            Injectable, Syringes etc.

 1995 : Important year in the History of Precision Gears. To Be a Joint Venture Company of IMA S.p.A, Italy.

           With this joint venture, IMA has transfer the technology of Cartoning Machine  K 150 to PGL & PG has manufactured the Cartoning Machine IC 150

           Moved to newly constructed modernized factory at Navi Mumbai.

 1996 :Designed & Manufactured the Blister Machine called TR 100 by PG  Engineers with the assistance from Win Pack, at Italy.

           The same Machine was displayed at INTERPACK, GERMANY & sold to Hueck Folian, Germany.

 1997 : Formpack 230 T has been upgraded for higher format area & speed –     Formpack 230 XT.

 1998 : The old PP 150 CH & PP 240 CH has been redesigned under the assistance of IMA to meet new trend & requirements of the Pharma Companies & thus

             the ROTOVAC SERIES of machines was born.

 2000 : Started manufacturing Capsule Filling Machine PZ 40 – 40,000 Cap. / Hr under the technical guidance & support of Zanasi (IMA Group Comapny.)

             With the increase in demand of market for higher capacity machine, TR 100 has been upgraded for Higher format area to name as TR 102.

 2002 : Designed & Manufactured a small Blister Packing Machine for R & D, Clinical trials as well as for small production batches called CLINIPACK.

             New Rotovac Model called ROTOVAC 210 V has been launched for link up to Cartoning Machines.

 2003 : Manufactured New Cartoning Machine IC 150 C – BFB model K 150 C.

Developed In house the High Speed Blister machine PG Super – Speed 75 Cycles / Min for Alu-Alu & Pvc-Alu.The first PG Super has been sold to Nutrilo, Germany.

 2005 : Developed In House an Economical, but medium speed machine for tablet,capsule called PG ECOSTAR.

             Developed In House a Medium Speed Cartoning Machine IC175C which can run at a speed of 175 Cartons / min.

             Developed ALUPACK machine to handle exclusively Alu./Alu. Blisters.

 2006 : New High Speed Blister Packing Machine called PG-EXPRESS which can run at a speed of 675 blisters/minute.

 2008 : PG EXCEL was developed, which replaces PG ECOSTAR.

 2008 : New Product “TUBE FILLING MACHINE” in India, which is originally a CoMaDis Product from IMA group.

 2009 : 100% Take over by IMA Italy.Indigenous manufacturing of high speed blister & cartoning machine called as C350 and A300.

 2010 : New name " IMA-PG India Private Limited". Machines are upgraded to new CE norms, as laid by European Union.

             Opened new Sales & Service full fledge office at Baddi in North India.

 2011 Onwards… : Our Mission “to manufacture world class packaging machines to drive our customer competitiveness”.

IMA-PG | Technology automatic machines | Packaging
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